The great thing about a storied dive bar is that everyone’s got one. Twin Kegs is no exception. The building has changed hands – and names – a bit over the past four decades, but the sentiment is the same. It’s a reliable spot for a beer & a burger among friends.

Others may remember it differently, but here’s what we know. Twin Gables opened on the same site in the mid-1960s. The building, possibly a converted house, was much closer to the street. In 1976, the building you see today was built, and various owners applied various names to the bar over the years: Rich’s Keg, Twin Kegs, International Famous Twin Kegs… What hasn’t changed is the core components of the bar: cold beer, grilled burgers (including the Big Bad Burger), shuffleboard, and the Keggers – our devoted regulars.

Today, Rosie’s Twin Kegs is owned and operated by Tia Rose Mirenda. She bought the place in 2017, but her story started in 2007 when she came aboard as a bartender and fell in love with the gritty watering hole. When she learned it was up for sale, she knew she could polish just enough to keep the place running without losing its history.


A previous owner opened an offshoot of Twin Kegs in 2014, and while it’s no longer affiliated, Twin Kegs II is part of the story that got us to today.

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